Tuesday, September 16, 2008

29 Truths for Truthful Tuesday

I got this idea from Jennifer's Blog and decided since I do not have time to do the Sweet Shoppe Challenge for this - I would list them as well. I never write or journal about myself - so I thought I would give this a go....

1. I love my Husband and Son more than anything in this world.
2. I hate my job.
3. My Mother is my Best Friend.
4. I LOVE being a Mommy.
5. I have not slept in over three years.
6. I sleep with a night-night.
7. I miss my friends.
8. I bite my nails.
9. I love Coffee
10. I take naps with my Son on the weekends.
11. I hate housework.
12. I wish I was thinner.
13. I want to have a baby girl SOON.
14. I think my hubby is the most handsome man I know.
15. I wish we owned our own home.
16. I love to Digi-Scrap and preserve my memories.
17. I wish I was prettier.
18. I am double jointed in my arms.
19. I wish I made more money.
20. I would LOVE to be a preschool teacher.
21. I don't know too much about myself.
22. I keep things to myself.
23. I have a horrible memory and can't remember important info.
24. I would love to go to Photography School.
25. I keep a notebook and calendar to write everything down.
26. I horde things.
27. I am very messy.
28. I love Peanut Butter.
29. I LOVE living in the city we are in and hope we never move out of the community.

This was REALLY hard for me. I am sure my answers aren't that great and there are SOME truths that people just don't need to know....


  1. I'm double jointed in my fingers...

    I wish i owned my apt too, so i could fix it up!

    ditto about money

    i'm a notebook hoarder, have many for diff things! lol

    Great post! Keep bloggin!

  2. Hi i'm back to answer your questions.

    Tried to email you but didn't see the option so here goes:

    flylady: http://www.flylady.net/

    BBQ Beefcups: it's a recipe i got from a Racheal Ray Mag a while back. I'll post the recipe on the blog within the next week

    : )

    Ty for commenting!!

  3. It was great to learn more about you!!! I am terrible at the finger nail biting thing too! And I totally can say I feel the same way as #12, although you look pretty thin to me in your photo!!

  4. Yay, you have a great list! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a wonderful way to get to know you! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Great job! I'm horrible at writing about myself too - maybe I'll have to do the 29 truths next week to force myself. :)