Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pregnancy Update ; 30 Weeks

I am absolutely HUGE and very uncomfortable - I really need to STOP growing now...lol - Can I really be expected to go TEN more weeks? YIKES

Scott, Dylan and I all went to Baby's R Us this weekend to pick out our crib, mattress and bedding set. That was FUN and a total WEIGHT off my shoulders. The crib will be in - in about a week. I can't wait to get it and out it together. The crib set we got is really cute. It is called ABC 123 and it is really colorful and just darling. I had planned on doing the Disney "Cars" theme for the bedding so that it would match Dylan's stuff since they will share a room - but Scott felt the baby should have something more baby-ish. lol - It IS really cute - so I am glad we went with it. Here is a picture...I will take some more when we get the crib put together.


Things are all starting to fall into place and this little boy will be here before we know it. I am starting to get more excited now. I have been feeling so big and blah that I just want it to be over with, but now I am getting excited. I hope these last ten weeks go fairly quickly.

Now we just have to come up with a NAME for this poor kid. We have gone through THOUSANDS of names and nothi9ng is "right". When we came up with Dylan's name it was just PERFECT and we knew that was the name for him, so we will keep searching until we feel that same fit with poor ol' baby no-name. He just be called "Baby Brother" until he is old enough to pick his own darn name...lmbo

Here are two photos my little 4 year old photographer took of me....
Poor kid could hardly hold up my big ol' heavy camera...lol
I look a little psycho because I was afraid he would drop my camera and I was like "hurry up Dylan"....lol

28 Weeks - June 1st, 2009
28 weeks

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29 weeks