Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Tomorrow will be my last day on the computer,
and then I will be in the beautiful MAUI
and returning to a computer on October 30th.

I will miss all this so much and
I will HATE being away from both my Son and a Computer...

My TWO staples in life....

Hubby and I are celebrating our three year anniversary

I am so excited, and such a nervous wreck.

I can't STAND the thought of leaving my Son.
I know he is in good hands bu the most I have ever
been away from him was for one night.


AND I hate flying. Ughhhhhh.

Hubby and I really need this time together though,
and I THINK I will be ok once were there. lol

I will have LOTS of pics to share and scrap when I get back.


Oh Yes - Don't forget to VOTE!!!
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Babette has a Brand Spankin New
OMG - This one is PACKED so if you
even KINDA liked the last one
you are going to FLIP for this one.
It is absolutely HUGE!!!!

This is a $55.00 value for only SEVEN DOLLARS.
This woman is GENEROUS to say the least.

Grab it up HERE


Brandi also has a personal use
Grab Bag available for only TWO BUCKS...HERE

Liz has another CU bag as well for FOUR BUCKS.....HERE

The ladies at Just For The Scrap Of It must be losing their minds to give away all this stuff SO CHEAP!!!! lol

Babette is also featuring her newest QP for today only...

Go get it HERE...HURRY

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Update on the Quick Page Exchange

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We have had some AWESOME submissions,
we have a FULL Fall Album right now.

Want in on this action? CLICK HERE
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Round one voting has officially opened today over at Just For The Scrap Of It!
Herad on over and choose your favorite kit -
Help them pick the contestants to move on to the next round.
There are SO MANY fabulous entries, and all of the mini kits are FREE....

What are you waiting for...GO VOTE

Friday, October 5, 2007

I WON!!!!!!!!!!

That CRAZY Wench Kristine of Wenchd Grafix
has had anothe of her "Name the Bastard Kit"
contest, and I WON!!!!


She picked the name I chose, and now I get the
WHOLE KIT for free.....

This is a beautiful kit, and I am SO EXCITED!

LOOOOOOOK - Isn't it PURTY! lol
The name I picked was HOLLY BERRY
I thought it was very fitting,
and apparently that crazy wench did too...
Woo Hooo

I just LOVE this kit - the colors are FANATSTIC...
I can't stop drooling over the previews...
I can't WAIT to get my linky's.

You can check out Kristine's Blog HERE or her Shop HERE.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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The lovely Ladies over at Just For The Scrap Of It
have Graciously allowed me to host the QP exchange.


I have decided to go ahead with the 12x12 size since Traci's poll had an overwhelming vote of 71% and then you 8x8 scrappers can just re-size them down to 8x8.

The rules are VERY simple....

The lovely designers will put the kit I choose on SALE for us to use the kit to create our 12x12 quick page.

You then send the link via pm or email to either Brandi or Babette at the forum (not publicly)

Then at the end of the month, everyone who participated will get all of the QP's created.

If ten people participate, you get 10 QP's.

Sounds fun doesn't it?

Babette created such a BEAUTIFUL QP Freebie today that it inspired me to use her Fall Mega Kit.

The very generous Babette has marked down her SUPER Fall Mega Kit 41% - A WHOPPING 41% to just FIVE BUCKS so that we all may participate in this fabulous QP Exchange.
Head on over and snatch it up for mere pennies....lol

I hope you'll all participate, the more people, the more QP's..... Here is a small preview version of my Quick Page created for the October Quick Page Exchange.

Babette has marked this kit down to FIVE DOLLARS, and this kit is HUGE. I'm talking NINE downloads, HUGE!

I like it so much, I think I will be doing MORE QP's with this one for sure.

If you would like to get this quick page for your own personal use, please join in the quick page exchange.
Click below for details.