Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Photo Challenge : Week Four Theme...


For this challenge I chose a photo from a trip my Husband and I took to Boston a few years ago. We went on am exploration and came across the old State building. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL? 


Big Photo Challenge : Week Three Theme...

For this challenge I chose a photo of my "adori"ble Son posing with one of his favorite things to play

He is constantly getting out Daddy's cones and when he isn't wearing them, he is setting up obstacle courses in the yard.

Week 4 starts today and the new theme is OLD
Head on over and join in on the fun!

Friday, May 14, 2010


For some WEIRD reason my comments have been disabled and I can't figure out how to get them back on. I am getting help - so please come back to comment - THANK YOU

The wonderful Louise of Adori Graphics and Adorible Photography has helped me get my comments working again. 
THANK YOU SO MUCH....If anyone is in need of some fab Blog tutorials or backgrounds, you should really check out her blog. She is a

I (heart) Faces Fix-It Friday

I discovered a new photography community called I heart faces, and decided to give the Friday Fix a go....
The challenge is to take a photo and well....fix it! lol
Here is the original...

and here is my "fix".....

That was fun - I enjoyed playing along - You should check it out.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My Kids are in the running for the Parent's Magazine Cover Photo Contest. They are gaining momentum every day - the problem is - I don't have a BAZILLION friends to ask to vote for them - So I thought I would reach out to you all - My Family & Blogging friends. PLEASE

Click on the photo to be taken to the voting page and remember that you can vote EVERY day...Spread the word.


Big Photo Challenge : Week Two Theme...

I am participating in the Adorible Photography Blog's Big Photo Challenge and this weeks these is....


We can interpret this however we'd like so I thought I would go with this photo of Dylan showing off his beautiful BLUE eyes....

Today is the last day - so if you'd like to play along - hurry on over and leave a link to your post. She will be posting a new Theme today for week three.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I stumbled across an "adorible" new photography blog that I am LOVING.

She is hosting a weekly photo challenge, and I am going to try to participate as often as I can to try to get a little more experience.

This weeks challenge is "ABANDONED"....Her instructions are as follows...."Remember to think outside the box a little. This could be anything from an abandoned building or car on the side of the road, to something that hasn't been used in a very long time. So get into your attic and garage, or wherever, and start snapping!"
I was having a little trouble with this one and ran out of time considering my Hubby went out of town and TOOK MY CAMERA WITH HIM ( can you believe that?) lol- So I had to CHEAT just a little bit and dig through my stash.

I came up with this picture that I took at the River of our favorite bar "Fox's". This picture was taken in the early morning as the sun had just come up and the bar is "ABANDONED". In just a few short hours this place is hoppin'....

I am sure anyone is welcome to join, but HURRY - this weeks deadline is Thursday when she will be posting the next challenge.
I can't wait to see what's next.