Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am going through my products from the shop and wanted to give you all a freebie.
I hope you enjoy this set of Chrome Frames. There are the plain ones as shown and then some with embellished glitter as an added bonus!


Password is HSD
I hope you enjoy them. Keep checking back as I am still adding products for sale and plan to have MANY more freebies in the works.

Have a Great day!
You will never believe what a good day Dylan had yesterday. The teacher said he was HAPPY ALL DAY. He did not cry once. She had a pocket full of paper towels to wipe away his tears, and she said she did not have to use them once. Isn't that GREAT! He was HAPPY when I picked him up and was running around showing me stuff. He learned the Piggy Polka, read the book "If you give a Pig a Pancake", practiced climbing the ladder and going down the slide. He learned about dangerous things to stay away from like plugs, knifes, and not to drink poisons. He practiced cutting with scissors, and drawing the letter C. He told me all of this himself last night - I did not have to PRY it out of him like usual...lol...He seemed to have a really good day. I think the Rainbow we saw yesterday morning and made a wish on really helped make his day special...lol

What a difference a day makes. That is the motto of the day. This morning Dylan said he did not want to go to school - just once though and he was in a really happy mood this morning. Smiling and laughing. I told him how much fun school would be today since he had so much fun yesterday. Well you won't believe it but he gave me no more trouble about and when we got to school, he saw Miss Michelle and yelled "There'' MICHELLE".....He ran right over to her and gave her a BIG smiley happy HUG! It was so cute. I signed him in, in his classroom and came back out and he just waved at me and ran off to play. WHAT???? lol
He said BYE MOM - I said BYE HONEY - see you soon and just walked out. I did not want to look back and have him come running after me, but I did a quick peek and he was FINE! OH HAPPY DAY. I even hear Miss Michelle tell Miss Katya "What a big difference - huh?"
I am so happy and I hope the rest of his day is just as great!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Party Scrap Kit

Here is my Halloween Party kit $5.00



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I appologize for the Ahhh Scrap packaging. I have to repackage all my goodies, but in the meantime, wanted to get my products available to the public.

Here is my most recent kit "Fairly Fall" at a newly reduced price of $5.00


Last night my Mom watched Dylan so that Scott and I could go OUT with some friends of ours to a Comedy Club in Hollywood. We went to see comedian Louis CK. He was very funny. We went to dinner first at Gerry's Deli, and than had some drinks at PF Changs before the show. We sat in the very front row - I was so nervous that he might pick us out to haggle us or something. lol..we were fine, although we had to keep hiding our YAWNS. Not because he wasn't funny, but because we are like asleep by nine o'clock most nights...lol I am SO TIRED.

Poor Dylan was coughing all night - really bad - I propped him up on two pillows and that seemed to help. He was already ON the bed or I would have tried raising it up like the Doctor said. I just find it really hard to believe that he is STILL coughing so much and the Doc gave us the all clear a week ago. My co-worker mentioned sometimes it takes a few WEEKS. Is that true - or do you think maybe I need to take him back to the Doctor? I KNOW they won't give him any medicine so that is probably futile. We have been using the humidifier ever night - and giving him a teaspoon of honey every night. I just don't know what else to do?

Any ideas?

He woke up this morning with his usual "I don't want to go to school". He was not crying though, just looked a little depressed about the whole situation. lol I gave him some oatmeal, and he got dressed, and off we go...
We get outside by the car and he looks up and sees his very first RAINBOW....He was so excited..."mommy, mommy - LOOK - There's a RAINBOW". WOW
It was gorgeous. I haven't seen one myself in years. I knelt down next to him in the driveway and we just stared at it for a bit and soaked it all in. I told him that meant that TODAY was going to be a very special day and that he was going to have a wonderful day at school. He seemed to like that alot.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have decided to leave the Ahhh Scrap Store. It is with great sadness as I love the store, admin and all the designers. I want to thank them for giving me my big break, I just do not have the time to fulfill the obligations necessary and I don't want to let them down. I will continue to design at my own pace and may have a kit for sale here or there on the blog, but you can be SURE there will be freebies coming. Once I repackage everything I will have links set up to purchase the kits here. In the meantime - Here is a FREEBIE for you. It has been a while - so be on thge lookout for MORE freebiews to come.

Password is HSD

Friday, September 26, 2008

OK - It is time to go to school

Dylan did do better yesterday. The teacher said he really didn't cry at all all day. That is good news. He really likes his teacher Miss Maria - it is the one hour that she is not there between 7:30 and 8:30 that he does not seem to like.

He was a little sad this morning, but he psyched himself up an said "Ok - it is time to go to school - and will you bring me a surprise if I don't cry today"......lol

Ohhhh this is hard - getting better but still hard. We got to school and signed him in and he said "ok Mommy I want to play you can go now." I gave him a big kiss and said I would see him soon with a surprise, and then turned around to leave - THAT is when the tears started and the "Mommy-Mommy".... Miss Michelle (the pregnant one) grabbed him up and I am sure he is ok now. But still. I can't wait until the day when school is exciting for him and he is happy to go.

Tonight is my very first "Back to School Night" - HOW fun is that?
I can't wait.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miss Katya saves the day ....again...

Dylan did OK....not great again, he cried all morning getting ready for school and saying he did not want to go - once we got there - I took him straight over to Miss Katya and handed him off - he had some sniffling, but he seemed better than yesterday. I signed him in - gave him a hug and a kiss - told him I would be back soon and then I just handed him over to her and left. He did sit down with her today and she was talking to him about "Bless You" kitty (he had brought him today to keep him company. Hopefully today will be better. He cried again yesterday when I picked him up - but it seemed like tears of joy, or relief again. I know it will get better but I hope it get's better soon. Last night we asked Dylan what his favorite part about school was (hoping to have something to encourage hom with) and he said "The Sleeping part".....Poor kid likes NAP TIME the best out of everything...lol We asked him if there was anything else and he said the "front yard". He likes playing up front in that play area.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coming Soon to Ahhh Scrap

The wonderful designers at Ahhh Scrap have put together another amazing collaboration for you. This fun Birthday kit will be CHEAP and it is absolutely HUGE.

Look for this to hit the Ahhh Scrap store on OCTOBER 1st!


A fresh start

Dylan went to the Doctor yesterday and got the all clear to come back to school. His lungs are clear, he is very healthy, and he is germ free. He still has a runny nose ad a bit of a phlemy cough - the Doctor said this is fine, he is just trying to get the rest of the gunk out.

Of course this HAD to happen on the first week of school so now dropping him off today was like starting all over again. He was NOT happy to be there and did not want me to leave. Miss Katya was wonderful enough to offer to step in and take over so that I could leave. She swooped him up and whisked him away. I hope he is ok by now. Last night he was ALL excited and wanted to go back to school but this morning - NOT having it. He told me his favorite part about school was the SLEEPING....lol What a hard morning all over again. I hope this gets better. I hate leaving him like that. He kept trying to get me to stay by saying "I wanna show you something" amongst the tears. I hope his day gets better and he can learn to have fun there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A BAD couple of days....

Well Dylan got sick on what should have been day four of Preschool - so of course I stayed home with him. He had a cold, runny nose and a low fever that has lasted through today. He has been staying at Grammies house (bless her heart for helping us out) and he seems to be ok other than a thick mucus when he blows his nose and an occasional cough. Looks like he will miss school again tomorrow since I can't get him into the Doctor until tomorrow morning. This really messes things up because now when I DO get him back in school - it will be like we are starting all over again. Poor kid. Then to top it off - I got sick on Saturday - and today Scott has it pretty bad as well.

Now Scott just called me - he said Whiskey was acting weird all day - had diarrhea - and throwing up - then just laying around all day - so he took him to the vet (they are there now) he has a fever of 105 (102 is normal) and they are running some tests on him for feline leukemia and feline aids. They have him in his cat carrier with ice packs to lay on to keep him cool, and he is dehydrated. The Hospital Scott took him to does not do overnight stays so we may have to take him to another vet somewhere if he will need to have IV. Poor Whiskey. They are doing an x-ray too to make sure he didn't swallow something. The hard part for them is that throwing up for cats can be a symptom of anything so it is hard to diagnose. Please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 3 of Preschool

Today was SOOOOOOOOO hard. Dylan slept pretty good last night with the promise of a special trip to Toys R Us after school if he sleeps all night and stays in his bed. He woke up once or twice but went right back to sleep. I woke him up at 6:45 to go potty and get ready for school and he was so CRABBY. I cut up an apple and got him some juice - he was watching his cartoons, and taking his time waking up. He then tells me that he is NOT going to school today. I tried to explain that Mommy has to go to BORING work while he gets to go to FUN school and play with all of his friends. He said he did not want to go. I asked him why - he said he doesn't want to. We get in the car and drive to the school and he seems ok now. We park and he promptly tells me that he is NOT getting out of the car. He will stay in the driveway all day while I go to work. OH GREAT! I take him inside and sign him in in his classroom and he tells me I have to stay and he starts to cry - A really sad wailing - I am NOT staying here kind of cry. My heart is broken. I sit him down at the little table to finish up his apples and the teacher gives him some milk. He is still crying - he then gets up and walks out the gate and is heading to the car crying saying he is going home. I had to chase him down three times and take him back. I was hugging him and explaining how much FUN he is going to have and he gets to play ALL day etc. He doesn't want to stay. Uggghhhhhh....At this point I have to go - My hair is frazzled, I am sweating, I am upset because I feel really bad for the little guy. I just want him to be happy and have a good time. The yard teacher Miss Michelle TRIED to get him to come with her and she told me she is pregnant so she can't pick him up. Meanwhile now we over in the other yard he has wandered to and Miss Katya comes over to try to help me. She said if it is ok with me - she will pick him up if I need to go - which I do (but don't want to). So I told her that was ok with me. I walked him back to the community play area where all the kids are and he is still crying. She looked at me like "OK?" and I said OK - SORRY - And then she gave me the nod - like - ok go! So I did and I could still hear him crying on my way out. I am so sad right now. I hope he calms down and has a good day. Poor little guy. Yesterday was a little hard again when I picked him up he cried for a minute too - he seemed relieved like he thought I wasn't coming back. He was ok after a minute or two. The teacher was telling me that they had to fill out an "Ouch Report" because Dylan had fallen on the playground in the morning and got a scratch on his head - she said they gave him an ice pack and lots of TLC - and when she showed me the "scratch" I started to giggle - it was not a boo boo it was his BIRTH MARK lol lol. I guess the teacher hadn't noticed it the day before since his hair usually covers it. I did not even think to mention that to them. Bum glad to know they take good care of the kids and that they are very thorough about keeping the parents informed. That is reassuring to know. We stopped by the Director's office to let her know that he did not in fact injured just in case they keep a log or something and she mentioned that he had a kinda rough day - crying off and on but he was able to snap back pretty easily. His teacher Miss Maria was telling me what a good boy he is and how nice he is. That was nice of her to say. Right when I walked up to pick him up on the playground - his new little Girlfriend "Lauren" came right up to me and gave me a flower. She is a sweet little girl.
Last night I was giving Dylan his bath and he was telling about this song from the "Cars" Disney movie soundtrack. I think it is called "Our Town" by James Taylor. It is a sad slow song. He was singing it and he told me that he sings it when he is lonely. (heartbreak) I asked him when does he get lonely? he told me when he misses ME....(heart wrenching going on now) but proceeded to tell me "I don't need to sing it now 'cuz I have YOU" and then leans out over the tub to give me a big wet hug and a kiss....lol What a little sweetheart I have. So now we have our own special song that he can sing when he is missing me. I love that kid!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

29 Truths for Truthful Tuesday

I got this idea from Jennifer's Blog and decided since I do not have time to do the Sweet Shoppe Challenge for this - I would list them as well. I never write or journal about myself - so I thought I would give this a go....

1. I love my Husband and Son more than anything in this world.
2. I hate my job.
3. My Mother is my Best Friend.
4. I LOVE being a Mommy.
5. I have not slept in over three years.
6. I sleep with a night-night.
7. I miss my friends.
8. I bite my nails.
9. I love Coffee
10. I take naps with my Son on the weekends.
11. I hate housework.
12. I wish I was thinner.
13. I want to have a baby girl SOON.
14. I think my hubby is the most handsome man I know.
15. I wish we owned our own home.
16. I love to Digi-Scrap and preserve my memories.
17. I wish I was prettier.
18. I am double jointed in my arms.
19. I wish I made more money.
20. I would LOVE to be a preschool teacher.
21. I don't know too much about myself.
22. I keep things to myself.
23. I have a horrible memory and can't remember important info.
24. I would love to go to Photography School.
25. I keep a notebook and calendar to write everything down.
26. I horde things.
27. I am very messy.
28. I love Peanut Butter.
29. I LOVE living in the city we are in and hope we never move out of the community.

This was REALLY hard for me. I am sure my answers aren't that great and there are SOME truths that people just don't need to know....

A NEW Girlfriend

UH OH - I just dropped Dylan off for day two and as I am leaving he say "Look Mom - there's my new girlfriend"....lol
He pointed to a cute little brunette who I believe is in his class....lol Here we go....already. Little cassanova.
The teacher on the playground was laughing - I said "WOW - One day and you already have a girlfriend?" he says "yup". I asked him her name and he said he couldn't remember - I told him he should go ask her. TOO FUNNY!!!
Now what will poor little Ashley say about this?

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Layout & Dylan's 1st day of Preschool

I FORCED myself to take some time for myself to do one of the challenges at my very favorite shoppe.
I did the Cookie Decorating 101 Challenge.
Let me tell you - this challenge was SO MUCH FUN...The template we were given was GORGEOUS - I just could not reist. I even spent a little money in the shoppe on Misty Cato's CUTIE PATOOTIE new kit called ABC & 123. I can seriously see myself using this kit over and over - it is so bright and fun.

Here is my cookie...


I cannot tell you how much fun I am having over there in the Sweet Shoppe Community as well, everyone is SO NICE! I love it.

I also used this adorable kit to create a little name tag for Dylan's backpack - I printed two copies and put them back to back in a little vinyl badge sleeve holder, added some ribbon and voila! Easy for him to identify his backback, and the teacher will know it is his as well. MUCH cuter than writing his name on it in indelible ink if you ask me...lol


Today was Dylan's VERY first day of Preschool *Sniff*
Dylan didn't sleep well last night and I ended up sleeping on the floor next to his bed. He woke up several times. Then I woke up and got ready for work, and then woke Bug up at about 6:45am. (The usual time) He was not too grouchy - A little bit, but after he went potty and brushed his teeth, he was fine. I got him dressed and got him a bowl of cereal and a banana while he watched the Wiggles on TV for a bit. He was in a good mood, but said his tummy hurt and he did not want the cereal because it had milk in it (weird I know). We put on his backpack and tried to snap a few pictures then off we went to school. Scott came with us to take him for his first day. We got to school and he seemed very excited. We went through a little gate where some other kids were playing and he just dropped his backpack and immediately began running laps around the play area...lol His teacher was not there yet, but they had a few other teacher's out there watching the kids. Dylan just ran around and was ready to play. Michelle showed us his classroom so we could put away his backpack and stuff and he will be in room 6. We came out to say good bye - he was still running all over the place - we could hardly get him to say bye to us. I told him we were leaving and if he got scared or needed anything to go see Miss Michelle (I think that was her name) and he said ok BYE - and then ran off. He wasn't sad at all... One of the other teachers said - "I take it he has been to preschool before?" I was like - NO - this is his first day...lol She says "WOW". I hope he is doing GREAT today and that he is still having a good time. The Director said I can call later to see how he is doing. It was a LOT easier that he was happy and excited and not crying and wanting me to stay (I kinda hoped he would...lol) but this is best this way - I was able to keep my composure. I hope the rest of his day went GREAT - I can't wait to pick him up and ask him about his day. I will update with some pics later.





Oh......he did CRY when I picked him up - it broke my heart. It was if he thought I wasn't coming back and then was so relieved to see me...lol
Poor little guy. Miss Maria said that he did REALLY well all day and he only cried one time at nap time when they turned the lights out - he was calling for Mommy. Other than that he was good. He was tired last night and a little quieter than usual, but he seems ok so far. Daddy had bought him a special "First Day of School" strawberry cheesecake that we ate as a special treat for a special day. He loved it. When I asked him what he did at school today he said "I singed, and washed hands, and went to bed, and colored vegetables that grow in the ground".

Thursday, September 11, 2008

B - I - N - G - O

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Can anyone say BINGOOOOOOOO!!!!

The ladies at Ahhh Scrap have put together a fun round of BINGO over at the Ahhh Scrap Foums.
Come play America's favorite game - SCRAPPIN' STYLE!!!

See you there!