Friday, September 26, 2008

OK - It is time to go to school

Dylan did do better yesterday. The teacher said he really didn't cry at all all day. That is good news. He really likes his teacher Miss Maria - it is the one hour that she is not there between 7:30 and 8:30 that he does not seem to like.

He was a little sad this morning, but he psyched himself up an said "Ok - it is time to go to school - and will you bring me a surprise if I don't cry today"

Ohhhh this is hard - getting better but still hard. We got to school and signed him in and he said "ok Mommy I want to play you can go now." I gave him a big kiss and said I would see him soon with a surprise, and then turned around to leave - THAT is when the tears started and the "Mommy-Mommy".... Miss Michelle (the pregnant one) grabbed him up and I am sure he is ok now. But still. I can't wait until the day when school is exciting for him and he is happy to go.

Tonight is my very first "Back to School Night" - HOW fun is that?
I can't wait.

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  1. From Carol M. (My Mom) = )

    Soo good to hear Bug did better yesterday!!!! That's GREAT NEWS!!!!!
    Sounds like he was moving in a happy positive direction this morning......that's a good thing!!! Keep doing what your doing.......bring him alittle surprise after school. When his routine is established I think he will be fine. It will probably take awhile. Before long he will be excited to go to school and happy to be there!!!!!
    Hang in will get better each day.