Monday, September 22, 2008

A BAD couple of days....

Well Dylan got sick on what should have been day four of Preschool - so of course I stayed home with him. He had a cold, runny nose and a low fever that has lasted through today. He has been staying at Grammies house (bless her heart for helping us out) and he seems to be ok other than a thick mucus when he blows his nose and an occasional cough. Looks like he will miss school again tomorrow since I can't get him into the Doctor until tomorrow morning. This really messes things up because now when I DO get him back in school - it will be like we are starting all over again. Poor kid. Then to top it off - I got sick on Saturday - and today Scott has it pretty bad as well.

Now Scott just called me - he said Whiskey was acting weird all day - had diarrhea - and throwing up - then just laying around all day - so he took him to the vet (they are there now) he has a fever of 105 (102 is normal) and they are running some tests on him for feline leukemia and feline aids. They have him in his cat carrier with ice packs to lay on to keep him cool, and he is dehydrated. The Hospital Scott took him to does not do overnight stays so we may have to take him to another vet somewhere if he will need to have IV. Poor Whiskey. They are doing an x-ray too to make sure he didn't swallow something. The hard part for them is that throwing up for cats can be a symptom of anything so it is hard to diagnose. Please keep him in your prayers.

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  1. Hope Whiskey is well on his way to recovery and the rest of you as well.