Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miss Katya saves the day ....again...

Dylan did OK....not great again, he cried all morning getting ready for school and saying he did not want to go - once we got there - I took him straight over to Miss Katya and handed him off - he had some sniffling, but he seemed better than yesterday. I signed him in - gave him a hug and a kiss - told him I would be back soon and then I just handed him over to her and left. He did sit down with her today and she was talking to him about "Bless You" kitty (he had brought him today to keep him company. Hopefully today will be better. He cried again yesterday when I picked him up - but it seemed like tears of joy, or relief again. I know it will get better but I hope it get's better soon. Last night we asked Dylan what his favorite part about school was (hoping to have something to encourage hom with) and he said "The Sleeping part".....Poor kid likes NAP TIME the best out of We asked him if there was anything else and he said the "front yard". He likes playing up front in that play area.

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  1. From Carol (Mom)

    I was glad to hear that dropping Bug off went a little easier for both of you. Hopefully it will get easier each day. His favorite part of school .....:) Nap time and playing in the front!!!! too funny.