Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A fresh start

Dylan went to the Doctor yesterday and got the all clear to come back to school. His lungs are clear, he is very healthy, and he is germ free. He still has a runny nose ad a bit of a phlemy cough - the Doctor said this is fine, he is just trying to get the rest of the gunk out.

Of course this HAD to happen on the first week of school so now dropping him off today was like starting all over again. He was NOT happy to be there and did not want me to leave. Miss Katya was wonderful enough to offer to step in and take over so that I could leave. She swooped him up and whisked him away. I hope he is ok by now. Last night he was ALL excited and wanted to go back to school but this morning - NOT having it. He told me his favorite part about school was the What a hard morning all over again. I hope this gets better. I hate leaving him like that. He kept trying to get me to stay by saying "I wanna show you something" amongst the tears. I hope his day gets better and he can learn to have fun there.

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