Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 3 of Preschool

Today was SOOOOOOOOO hard. Dylan slept pretty good last night with the promise of a special trip to Toys R Us after school if he sleeps all night and stays in his bed. He woke up once or twice but went right back to sleep. I woke him up at 6:45 to go potty and get ready for school and he was so CRABBY. I cut up an apple and got him some juice - he was watching his cartoons, and taking his time waking up. He then tells me that he is NOT going to school today. I tried to explain that Mommy has to go to BORING work while he gets to go to FUN school and play with all of his friends. He said he did not want to go. I asked him why - he said he doesn't want to. We get in the car and drive to the school and he seems ok now. We park and he promptly tells me that he is NOT getting out of the car. He will stay in the driveway all day while I go to work. OH GREAT! I take him inside and sign him in in his classroom and he tells me I have to stay and he starts to cry - A really sad wailing - I am NOT staying here kind of cry. My heart is broken. I sit him down at the little table to finish up his apples and the teacher gives him some milk. He is still crying - he then gets up and walks out the gate and is heading to the car crying saying he is going home. I had to chase him down three times and take him back. I was hugging him and explaining how much FUN he is going to have and he gets to play ALL day etc. He doesn't want to stay. Uggghhhhhh....At this point I have to go - My hair is frazzled, I am sweating, I am upset because I feel really bad for the little guy. I just want him to be happy and have a good time. The yard teacher Miss Michelle TRIED to get him to come with her and she told me she is pregnant so she can't pick him up. Meanwhile now we over in the other yard he has wandered to and Miss Katya comes over to try to help me. She said if it is ok with me - she will pick him up if I need to go - which I do (but don't want to). So I told her that was ok with me. I walked him back to the community play area where all the kids are and he is still crying. She looked at me like "OK?" and I said OK - SORRY - And then she gave me the nod - like - ok go! So I did and I could still hear him crying on my way out. I am so sad right now. I hope he calms down and has a good day. Poor little guy. Yesterday was a little hard again when I picked him up he cried for a minute too - he seemed relieved like he thought I wasn't coming back. He was ok after a minute or two. The teacher was telling me that they had to fill out an "Ouch Report" because Dylan had fallen on the playground in the morning and got a scratch on his head - she said they gave him an ice pack and lots of TLC - and when she showed me the "scratch" I started to giggle - it was not a boo boo it was his BIRTH MARK lol lol. I guess the teacher hadn't noticed it the day before since his hair usually covers it. I did not even think to mention that to them. Bum glad to know they take good care of the kids and that they are very thorough about keeping the parents informed. That is reassuring to know. We stopped by the Director's office to let her know that he did not in fact injured just in case they keep a log or something and she mentioned that he had a kinda rough day - crying off and on but he was able to snap back pretty easily. His teacher Miss Maria was telling me what a good boy he is and how nice he is. That was nice of her to say. Right when I walked up to pick him up on the playground - his new little Girlfriend "Lauren" came right up to me and gave me a flower. She is a sweet little girl.
Last night I was giving Dylan his bath and he was telling about this song from the "Cars" Disney movie soundtrack. I think it is called "Our Town" by James Taylor. It is a sad slow song. He was singing it and he told me that he sings it when he is lonely. (heartbreak) I asked him when does he get lonely? he told me when he misses ME....(heart wrenching going on now) but proceeded to tell me "I don't need to sing it now 'cuz I have YOU" and then leans out over the tub to give me a big wet hug and a What a little sweetheart I have. So now we have our own special song that he can sing when he is missing me. I love that kid!


  1. FROM GRAMMIE (Carol - Dylan's Grandmother)

    Ohhhhh Sweetie,
    I am sooo sorry that you and Bug had such a rough morning. I know you must be a mess. Try hard to think positively....take some deep breaths. He will have soo much fun at school. He just needs some time to adjust to everything. You might call his school to see how he's doing.......hopefully good.....and that will help you feel better.
    This is a major change for him and will take some adjusting. You are doing the right thing by loving, hugging, kissing and talking to him about how he is feeling.
    That was very good to hear about the "Ouch Report" and that they kept you informed and gave him TLC. Now they know he has a
    So good to hear that he is being a good boy in class.........and how sweet that his "New Girlfriend: Laurn" gave you a flower!!!! Very nice. :)'s amazing that Bug picked a "Cars" sad song to sing when he's feeling lonely.....I know that must have been a heart wrenching time for you. But then he told you he didn't need the song now.......cause he had you there and gave you a Big WET hug and kiss. What a loving sweet boy he is. Melting my heart reading this!!!!

    I hope your day gets better......I am doing OK.....trying to get things done around here.
    Yes Mary is coming on Thurday but I don't have plans for this Friday and would love it if you came for abit!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!! Sending extra XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX to hlep you feel better!!!!
    ps please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  2. Awwww ((big hugs)) that is heart wrenching!! I am so sorry girl! You certainly do have a little sweetie though! My oldest used to cry and get so upset every time I dropped him off and by the time I picked him up he didn't want to leave yet. But he would do it again the next day. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but it does get better!

  3. ((HUGS!))) It will get easier, I promise. We went through the same things when the kids were in daycare. It's horrible, I know. He will be fine's really harder on you than on him!

  4. Awww poor guy! :( I hope each day gets better for him (and you!). Hang in there!

  5. aww that is very heart wrenching. Maybe he is like my DD who if woken up too early is a big cranky mess and takes awhile to really wake up and be cheery.

    that is so touching about the Cars song.