Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sheryl has some tips on coupons

I have been my coupons organized by categories: personal hygiene, household goods (inc paper products), dairy, pets, etc... I have them in envelopes and now graduated to an old wipes container. There is enough room in there to add a pen and a notepad.It closes to avoid the inevitable spill in the car when you hit the brakes and they fall off the seat! I proudly carry my wipes box everywhere. It is labeled mommy's coupons so the stores don't get the security to pat me down. I even keep some coupons in one envelope just for Kylie. Those are her coupons, she has her own list and finds certain items for me (that is her very important job!)
I have two pages on my shopping lists for depending on what I have spent. one list is stuff I have to get right now: tp, allergy meds, milk, dog food things like that. the second list is stuff I'd like to get now, but I can wait til next payday-mostly stock up stuff: a can of furniture polish because the one at home is very low, I am going to need conditioner soon, those frozen dinners are a bargain but I don't have a coupon.

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