Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Tips from Sheryl

If you shop at Walgreens and do their rebates, get the refund on a gift card. They give you and extra 10% back on the card. You can even reuse the cards. While filing out the rebate form put the gift card number on the form. That way you only need to carry one around. If you send in the rebate and they send you a check, you loose 10%....

register online for diapers, formula etc for babies/toddlers. most companies will send you coupons (some start great and fade to ok, but they still save some cash). I know enfamil started with $10 off and went to $2 but it was something! some stores will not accept internet coupons-have them sent to your home via snail mail

some restaurants offer kids eat free. I know Chevy's offers it on tuesdays and in the paper last week there was a coupon for a meal $3.99 when purchased with one regular meal. Chick-fil-A has family night on tuesday. That means when you buy one meal, you get a childs for free. There is a secret too; if you keep your toy and trade it in unopened, they will give you a free ice cream.

Don't forget Children's Orchard clothing exchange. They send emails that when you bring in clothes, they will give you a percentage off your next purchase. I've been a few times, but not bought anything, so I don't really know what the discount is.

Check your long distance too. we never use our house phone for long distance. We have the minutes on our cell phones and it is actually free for us to call Texas and Boston.

get rid of your water bottles! they are not good for our planet or our wallets. We save $35 a month not getting our Arrowhead delivered. We don't buy plastic water bottles (except for the earthquake kit) we use refillable aluminum bottles (they are eco friendly). for great tasting water we get a filter for our fridge water approx $80 for 6-8 months.

watch for target offers. sometimes they offer a $5 gift card when you purchase certain items. Last time I got breakfast bars they offered $5 if you got 3. With the coupons for the 3 boxes, they paid me to take the bars!

we started composting our organic waste-it is good for my garden and good for the earth too-(kind of fun).-oh and plant a garden. nothing tastes better than fresh tomatoes!

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