Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shannon had Great some tips of her own

The few things I do and have been doing for quite sometime now is seperating my shopping.
I go to Big Lots for all snacks and cereals. They are sooooooo much cheaper than even Target or Walmart. And they have a large selection. So I stock up there whenever I see good deals. But remember to check the expiration date, usually all snacks and such are still good for about 5 months. But I check dates for everything no matter where I go!
Target, is also my happy place. Whatever I can find there cheaper than the store I buy and finally I make my way to Vons, which I love. Thats my normal stuff like fruit and such.
So taking the time and planning your list and thinking ahead is always good. I have a pantry that I call "overflow" full of cereal stuff, snacks, juice etc..... when there are deals stock up!
Other than that, I just plan reg. everyday meals. The less fancy the meal is, the cheaper it is, so don't try to be Chef Ramsey and be Betty Crooker! Boring but budget friendly!
And as for utilities.... I looked up a while ago, on what draws the most energy....
the four main sources of power are....... Dryer (electric), freezer, dishwasher and flat screen TV's. So doing dishes and laundry after 7pm will cut down costs!
It really is scary right now for most and being cheap is a good thing! Good luck to all and always be thankful for what we still do have!

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