Friday, February 27, 2009

My Contribution to the Mom Tips....

My Mom does one of these coupon savings sites and saves a TON. I believe it is called the Grocery Game. She pays a small monthly fee and the woman gives you all the specials going on in the store that week - she tells you what coupon coincides with those specials, etc. It takes a little time to figure out (I STILL don't quite get it) and takes some time to cut and save the weekend coupons, but A LOT of the stuff my Mom gets is absolutely FREE. She cuts a bill from over a hundred dollars down to like fifteen sometimes. It is crazy. Here is the website for anyone that is interested.....I think you can try it out for a month for a dollar.

I also have a link of recipes I have been collecting to try here on my Kaboodle list....if anyone is interested or can't figure out how to view the recipes just let me know. :-D

My Mom and I shop at thrift stores as well. I know some people look down on that - not me - I am ALL about saving money where I can and - hey - children are TOUGH on clothes - So I buy him jeans and t-shirts that he can wear to the sitter or preschool and be rough and tough - and for the price - who cares right? We also find A LOT of great books here - behavioral and developmental that have been in libraries, or classrooms. These are REALLY expensive another great steal.

Another one is being CRAFTY and doing it yourself. I have YET to learn how to sew, but have been collecting craft tutorials and sewing patterns and have a link here if anyone is interested in that as well.
Crafts -
Patterns -

I can't wait to hear more GREAT money saving ideas....

Heather Stokes

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