Friday, February 27, 2009

My Husband is also a Contractor - He runs his own business and the problem with this industry is that you just never know IF or WHAT the next job will be and unfortunately with the economy the way it is - not many people are wanting to spend money on Additions & Remodels. EVERYONE is pinching the pennies. I am a full time working Mom as well - I work outside of the home in addition to my Husband's business. This enables us to have great benefits, medical, dental, 401k, life insurance, etc. We have recently given ourselves a personal budget....let me tell you it is HARD, but with this budget - I am able to sock away about $500.00 a month into my savings account from MY paycheck. This will be used if god forbid - there is no next job for him and should help us get by for a bit with our bills, etc. I allow myself a certain amount to spend each week - NO EXCEPTIONS. It does not allow me the luxuries of new outfits whenever I want, or even that new book I have been wanting to read.....but hey - my Family and keeping a roof over our head are more important to me than the latest gadgets & gizmo's. We have paid off our credit card bills as well so that we will have those to "fall back on" in an emergency situation.

Heather Stokes

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