Monday, October 13, 2008

HALLELUJA (insert music here)

We finally got around to getting Dylan his Big Boy TWIN bed on Saturday. We all piled into Scott's truck and took a drive out to West Covina to Sit and Sleep. Dylan LOVED 'testing" them all out. His favorite's were the ones that tilt up and down like a hospital He LOVED those. We picked one out that he seemed to like and then paid for it. They would deliver it on Sunday. I got home and set to work on cleaning and re-arranging Bugs room. Whew - what a task. I am the QUEEN of rearranging a bedroom without taking everything out. I got it all rearranged and hung up some pictures I had been meaning to put up for a while now. I removed the shelves from the wall above where his new bed will go and will be relocating them to another wall for safety reasons of course. I also hung a little toy hammock in one corner to hold some of his Webkinz and other stuffed animals. I worked my BUTT off. I was in there for hours. Dylan seems really pleased with it though. I am happy with the results myself, but I must admit he has WAYYYYYYY too much stuff. There was no way I could prune it down while he was there though, he would have had a fit...

Sunday the big boy bed was delivered and I made it up with his brand new Lightning McQueen sheets that Grandpa Ron sent him last Christmas and some new fluffy pillows. All comfy and cozy. I put a little step stool for him to climb up on, a night light next to his bed, and a lamp on his little drawer thing next to his bed so we can read when he goes night night. He LOVES it....He loves the fact that Mommy can actually lay on his bed and read to him now without the mattress falling through like it did in his Race Car Bed....and now for the very BEST part. He slept last night in his OWN bed from 9:15pm to 4:45am at which time he woke up for like two minutes asking for a drink. I told him I would be right back and when I got back - he was back asleep and slept until I had to PRY him out of bed at 6:45am. I HOPE THIS LASTS. He said he LOVES his new bed and that it is so comfy. He is so funny - I woke up and took him in to go potty and when he was done he said "I want to go sleep" and went back in his room and crawled back in bed. YAYYYYYYYYY I don't want to get my hopes up - but I am praying this will be just the thing to get my Son on the road to GREAT sleeping habits. I got such wonderful sleep myself, that I am MORE tired this morning than I usually am. I am SO PROUD of my big boy and I hope and pray he keeps this up.

This morning he was in a pleasant mood and ready to go to school. He told me all about how he was NOT going to cry today, he was going to be a GOOD boy and listen to his teacher. We had a very nice morning. I told him how proud I am of him for sleeping in his big boy bed, and how happy that makes me and that my heart was singing....he likes it when my heart - I took him to school and Miss Michelle was not around, so we had a hard morning. He did not want to let me leave. Miss Vanessa had to step in and take over the situation. He was really looking forward to seeing Michelle and telling her all about his new bed. He has really grown attached to her. I don't know what the poor guy will do when she goes on Maternity leave.

Friday when I picked him up from school I found out all kinds of lovely things the little rat fink had been up to. Pushing kids, pulling girls hair, spilling the kids milk, breaking the crayons in half, coloring all over the table, pooping in his pants, I don't even want to know what else. He promised to be a good boy today - I hope so. Scott and I both had a serious talk with him about his behavior and explained that we do not hit other kids, and we NEVER put our hands on a girl. Maybe the bad sleeping habits affect his behavior. I don't know.

I am praying for a good day for my Bug.

Here are a few photos of Dylan in his newly arranged room, and his new big boy bed.


  1. I want to move in... That is a wonderful bedroom!! BTW.. Love the Texas Shirt!!

  2. From Carol/Grammie

    Very very nice........I am so happy for all of you and hope this good sleeping continues.

  3. From Cynthia Nichols

    Awww, I'll love the picture when he first woke up. So cute!

  4. From Connie/Granny

    Hi Hon...YIPPEEEEE....a new bed! and the room looks GREAT....I had been telling Scott as far back as a year ago, that I thought he would begin to sleep better with a regular bed....I'm so glad and it sounds like he may be on his way to sleeping a lot better...I will call him and talk to him about his "new big-boy bed"...maybe I can come by some night this week to see it and make him feel important....I know it made a HUGE difference with Tyler's sleeping....before that he was constantly coming into their room...James would take him back and then in the morning, they would find him with his little "blankie" curled up on the floor next to their bed :( ...was that mattress in the race car bed the crib mattress that Lori and James gave you?

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend.....have a great week and hope to see you xoxoxo

  5. From Auntie Kasha

    We just went through Cody's room last night because we couldn't walk in his room. He is ok with parting with his "baby toys" I brought 3 boxes to work and gave them to a co worker here. We told Cody that if he didn't get rid of his "baby toys" that Santa wont bring him any new toys :-) It worked.

  6. awwwwww how cute! Gabe would love it heehe all those cars :) Dropped by to let you know you have an award on my blog sweetie! Hugs, K

  7. How awesome! Baby Cole is going straight from crib to twin bed so I hope that works for me too. Course he sleeps like a rock now, hope the twin bed keeps up with the crib sleep. Good looking room if I do say so.

    Auntie Pootie