Wednesday, October 1, 2008

100 Lightning Costumes

Dylan coughed a lot LESS last night without the humidifier but then seemed to cough MORE this morning when he woke up - maybe it had all settled in his chest while he slept. The humidifier is probably a good thing. Maybe I can use it while we are in the living room in the evenings, but then not in his room at night. I don't know. Dylan did really well going to school this morning. When I picked him up yesterday he did cry a little - a HUGE smile on his face but crying. lol The teacher said he did very well all day but cried a bit in the afternoon. Then she said "Give me two more days"....he'll be fine. When he woke up this morning he said he did not want to go to school but then he perked up once he woke up a little more he was fine. He was in a happy smiley mood and he was dancing around and stuff. Then he comes over and tells me "Mommy - If I am really good at school today - can you bring me a present - maybe a lightning costume - maybe a hundred lightning costumes?" lol I was like first of all - You can't have a present or surprise EVERY day because Mommy is not made of money, secondly there is only ONE of you - why would you need a hundred of the SAME costume...he he he and last but not least - do you have any idea how much money a hundred Lightning Halloween costumes would COST? ha ha ha ha - He is TOO MUCH. I took him and dropped him off at school and he stayed happily with Miss Michelle and held her hand and waved goodbye to me as I was walking to the gate - all the while with a smile on his face. I am so proud of my Big Boy!


  1. From Carol : Mom/Grammie

    Soo good to hear that Dylan's cough has lessened and he is making his Momma Proud!!!!
    Just like his teacher said....give her 2 more days!!! WONDERFUL.

    Are you headed out on your lunch break to buy him a lightening costume?? :)

    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Halloween shopping is an annual event that costs us millions of dollars each year.