Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scrap Tutorials

Digital Scrapbooking Place has a TON of tutorials geared for everyone.
They have tutorials available for every program, and you can learn to make pretty much ANYTHING.

Here are a few examples of some of the tutorials available....
They tell you what program the tutorial is compatible with. You are SURE to find something to help you here.

Click HERE to go straight to the tutorial page.

  • Backgrounds/Papers
    Backgrounds [Corel Draw] [PhotoPaint]
    Background Textures, Creating [PS]
    Brushed Backgrounds Event Transcript (4/04) [PS]
    Corrugated [PSP]
    Distressed [PS]
    Full-Photo Backgrounds [PS]

    Pattern, Checked [PS]
    Pattern, Striped [PS]
    Stripes & Plaids [PSP]
    Swiss Dot[PSP]
    Torn Mulberry [PS]
  • Beads [PS](E) [PSP]
  • Borders or Mats [PSE] [DIP]
  • Brads [PS](E)
  • Brushed Metal [PSE] [DIP]
  • Making a Custom Brush [PS] [PS 2]
  • Buttons, Making [PSP]
  • Cheater Brads, Buttons, etc [PS]
  • Chenille Stems [PSP]
  • Chrome Eyelets [PS]
  • Creating Layer Styles [PS]
  • Doodle Dandy Fun [DIP]
  • Easy Alphas or Titles [PSP]
  • Eyelets & Buttons [PS](E)
  • Denim Texture [PSE]

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