Friday, October 24, 2008

Yesterday was not a GREAT day for me, so let's hope today is better.

Bug did OK today when I dropped him off at school- not great - he cried a little when I was leaving. He pooped in his pants THREE times yesterday at school. Must have been all that corn he ate the night before. he he he. Today is his Biggest Goal Ever - Do not poop in his pants. I hope he can do it. I may call the director to speak with her about what we can do to stop this problem. He does not do this at home, only at school. I don't know.

Yesterday he had his very first School picture day. I hope they come out good. It was weird to not be there for it - since WE usually take him. lol . I can't wait to see them, and his CLASS group shot. HOW FUN!

He slept "pretty" good last night - until his pull-up leaked - then he woke up crying - I thought he was just crying until I tried to lay him back down and he said "Nooooo it's WET". His pull-up was completely DRY so it must have leaked out the side or something. He had to sleep on the couch after that. Fortunately though - his little mattress pad thing worked GREAT - the mattress was not wet at all.

Last night Scott gave us some money to go the grocery store - because I did not have a thing to make for Dylan's lunch today - and Dylan asked him if he could buy some "Cupcakes" to make. Daddy said of off to the store we went in search of goodies to make the perfect Halloween Cupcake. Unfortunately - they did not have ONE Halloween cupcake decorating item. We ended up with the standard silver cupcake liners, and he picked out a PINK strawberry cake mix. I could not convince him to get something like chocolate. he says "NO - I LOVE PINK!!!". ha ha ha...Ok - these are HIS cupcakes so whatever he wants - then he picked chocolate frosting, and we bought orange sugar crystals, and brown sprinkles, and some mini marshmallows. He was such a big helper. He poured the water into the bowl, he poured all the oil into the mix and did not spill a drop, he helped me crack the eggs. He even helped me stir up the mix - which - let me tell you made my arm SO tired, and he was stirring then had to stop to say "Mommy - My arm is sleeping"...Ahh ha ha ha ha. I told him he needs to tell Daddy to get Mommy a MIXER for Once the cupcakes came out of the oven and cooled for a bit - he did not make it to the decorating stage and immediately devoured a plain pink cupcake with a BOWL of mini marshmallows that I had set out to decorate the cupcakes with. We had a great time, and I took plenty of pictures of course.


  1. From Carol/Grammie

    Sorry to hear Bug is pooping in his pants again. :(
    I hope his school pictures come out GOOD!!! I can't wait to see them.
    So sorry to hear about his leak on his new beddie last night.....great that his mattress didn't get wet. That special mattress pad is already paying for itself.

    How wonderful and fun your cupcake making project described it so well......I felt like I was there. I can't wait to see those pictures too!!!

  2. Little trick I was told...

    Buy and extra pad and fitted sheet. Put them on his mattress - mattress pad cover, fitted sheet, mattress pad cover, fitted sheet... Then, when he leaks at night - all you have to do is pull off the first set of sheet/mattress protector and you have a fresh set already to go underneath!

  3. Poor littel guy. I'm sure the pooping at school is jsut because he doesn't want to ask to go to the bathroom in front of others. My little one was the same until he settled in then it all jsut stopped.

    I have an award for you on my blog :O)

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