Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dylan slept SOOOOOOO good last night. He slept from about 9:15 until 6:15 this morning and did not wake up ONCE. I am so happy and so proud of him. He didn't want to get out of bed this morning when he woke up either. He wanted me to lay in his bed and - then when I dropped him off at school he was not even trying to get me to stay - he just ran off to play with his friends. I am once happy Momma!

When I picked him up from school yesterday, Miss Maria said he was SUCH a good boy yesterday. He did what he was supposed to - he interacted with other kids, and he PLAYED. He didn't just pull something out and then move on to the next thing. She was so happy with his behavior yesterday. He didn't poop in his pants ALL day but had an accident about five minutes before I picked him up. They were on the playground and one of the kids bumped his head - so Miss Maria took him in to get an ice pack, and the other teacher could not leave the kids so he pooped his pant. SO CLOSE. He said his goal today is NO POOPING IN HIS BIG BOY PANTS. I hope he can do it. He KNOWS when he has to go and he doesn't do that at home, so I think he is acting out or trying to get the teachers attentions to himself. He is so used to being with my Mom only and no other kids. It will get better.

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  1. From Carol/Grammie

    YEAH!!!!!!..... that is wonderful news........sleeping through the night might be the key to him doing better at preschool. I hope and pray that it keeps up. Perhaps if you can get him to bed a little earlier......he will be ready to wake up and start his morning the next day.....just a thought. I know he LOVES cuddling with Mommy!!! I am one Happy GRAMMIE!!!!

    Well he had an accident in his pants when noone was available to take him to the restroom........that's understandable.