Friday, March 6, 2009

Tips from Ava

Hello Ladies!
Sorry I am sooo late responding (partially because I didn't think I had much to contribute). Thank you Shannon, for starting this conversation.
Everyone has such wonderful ideas and I have learned so much from the responses. I am already using the spreadsheet - we have been wanting to create something like that for the longest time. I loved the crock pot recipes website (I just got my first crock pot a few weeks ago) and I am going to get a CVS card! Haven't had much luck with the coupons yet, but I am eager to learn.
The ways that we save are pretty simple and have probably already been mentioned, but here goes:
I read somewhere that in times like these, families tend to gain weight (which lends itself to obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes) because we cut back on those grocery items that cost the most but are also most beneficial to our health - fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat and grains, fish and poultry.
So, with the intent of infusing these staples into our diets consistently, I browse the circulars each week for what is on sale/where and that is where I shop for those items. Also, I have save $40-$50 per week by shopping at more than one store. Target is much cheaper than the grocery stores for a lot of items (especially condiments: jelly, miracle whip, salad dressing, etc). The best price for bananas, a bag of organic apples, RBST free milk and eggs is Trader Joes. Otherwise fresh fruits and veggies are almost always cheaper at a farmers market. This requires planning, when I plan our meals for the week and where I will shop it saves time and money. Whenever I can, I duplicate ingredients or plan for meals that will feed us for two days. It also lends itself to healthy meals with some variety. Because when I cook the same thing over and over, I find McDonalds and Del Taco wrappers in my husbands truck Confused smiley emoticon
Also, we only go out to eat when/where kids eat free or with some other type of coupon.
We shop for school supplies in July and August when they are half price at Target and Wal Mart.
I haven't graduated to aluminum containers yet (but plan to), in the meantime- we recycle our all of our juice and water bottles each month and usually come away with around $20.
Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful information~
God Bless!

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