Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Card Annoyance

So I have an annoyance with birthday cards.  Especially when it comes
to children, they are such a waste of money! So here are a couple of
my ideas for solutions:
1. Instead of buying a card, but a small inexpensive book (under $4)
and write a special note to the birthday kid on the front cover.
You're spending the money still, but at least it doesn't get thrown
away the next day and they can read the book over and over again?
2. You can order a dozen birthday cards from places like
or and they usually cost around $5 for a dozen and
then save them and pull them out of your "extra cards" box whenever
you need a last minute card. I usually get the Suzie's Zoo ones
because they're cute and not so personal.
3. Skip the card all together and go to the office store and buy a
little box of tags. Tape the string under your bow on the package and
write a little note (ex: Happy Birthday Riley, Love Shane) and it
looks cute and it's sweet and simple!

Ok, there's my spheal about how much I hate birthday cards! Hope you
can use one of these ideas if you want!

- Shannon


I also like to make my own. I do digital scrapbooking
and have TONS of graphics, so I either make my own...or Dylan and I
make the card as an art project - he LOVES to do that and then it is a
keepsake for the recipient as well.

Another thing we do is - Dylan LOVES his cards, he has to keep them we use the cards later for art projects - cut them up and glue them to something. That's fun too.

Heather Stokes

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