Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You will never believe what a good day Dylan had yesterday. The teacher said he was HAPPY ALL DAY. He did not cry once. She had a pocket full of paper towels to wipe away his tears, and she said she did not have to use them once. Isn't that GREAT! He was HAPPY when I picked him up and was running around showing me stuff. He learned the Piggy Polka, read the book "If you give a Pig a Pancake", practiced climbing the ladder and going down the slide. He learned about dangerous things to stay away from like plugs, knifes, and not to drink poisons. He practiced cutting with scissors, and drawing the letter C. He told me all of this himself last night - I did not have to PRY it out of him like usual...lol...He seemed to have a really good day. I think the Rainbow we saw yesterday morning and made a wish on really helped make his day special...lol

What a difference a day makes. That is the motto of the day. This morning Dylan said he did not want to go to school - just once though and he was in a really happy mood this morning. Smiling and laughing. I told him how much fun school would be today since he had so much fun yesterday. Well you won't believe it but he gave me no more trouble about and when we got to school, he saw Miss Michelle and yelled "There'' MICHELLE".....He ran right over to her and gave her a BIG smiley happy HUG! It was so cute. I signed him in, in his classroom and came back out and he just waved at me and ran off to play. WHAT???? lol
He said BYE MOM - I said BYE HONEY - see you soon and just walked out. I did not want to look back and have him come running after me, but I did a quick peek and he was FINE! OH HAPPY DAY. I even hear Miss Michelle tell Miss Katya "What a big difference - huh?"
I am so happy and I hope the rest of his day is just as great!

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  1. From Carol : Mom/Graammie

    My heart is singing and so happy that Dylan had a wonderful HAPPY ALL DAY at school yesterday. It is wonderful that you didn't have the heartbreak when dropping him off either. I did try to talk very positively about him going to school on Monday and all he'd learn and have lots of FUN. He loves the coloring and sleeping part. lol That's also really GREAT that he shared with you what he did all on his own. What a GREAT BIG Difference. So very HAPPY for both of you.