Monday, September 29, 2008

Last night my Mom watched Dylan so that Scott and I could go OUT with some friends of ours to a Comedy Club in Hollywood. We went to see comedian Louis CK. He was very funny. We went to dinner first at Gerry's Deli, and than had some drinks at PF Changs before the show. We sat in the very front row - I was so nervous that he might pick us out to haggle us or something. lol..we were fine, although we had to keep hiding our YAWNS. Not because he wasn't funny, but because we are like asleep by nine o'clock most I am SO TIRED.

Poor Dylan was coughing all night - really bad - I propped him up on two pillows and that seemed to help. He was already ON the bed or I would have tried raising it up like the Doctor said. I just find it really hard to believe that he is STILL coughing so much and the Doc gave us the all clear a week ago. My co-worker mentioned sometimes it takes a few WEEKS. Is that true - or do you think maybe I need to take him back to the Doctor? I KNOW they won't give him any medicine so that is probably futile. We have been using the humidifier ever night - and giving him a teaspoon of honey every night. I just don't know what else to do?

Any ideas?

He woke up this morning with his usual "I don't want to go to school". He was not crying though, just looked a little depressed about the whole situation. lol I gave him some oatmeal, and he got dressed, and off we go...
We get outside by the car and he looks up and sees his very first RAINBOW....He was so excited..."mommy, mommy - LOOK - There's a RAINBOW". WOW
It was gorgeous. I haven't seen one myself in years. I knelt down next to him in the driveway and we just stared at it for a bit and soaked it all in. I told him that meant that TODAY was going to be a very special day and that he was going to have a wonderful day at school. He seemed to like that alot.

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