Wednesday, May 21, 2008

12 Step Program of Recovery for Freebie Hunting Addicts

This is TOO FUNNY!!!! (Hubby would say ALL of these apply to me)

Sindiego Scraps at http://sindiegosscraps.blogspot. com has got our numbers, ladies!
She reposted something she wrote about a year ago, and I was cracking up reading it!
12 Step Program of Recovery for Freebie Hunting Addicts

1. I will eat a proper breakfast, seated at the table, before I boot up my computer in the morning.

2. I will get dressed before noon.

3. I will make an attempt to clean the house, wash the clothes, and plan dinner before even thinking about downloading freebies.

4. I will remember that I have a husband and/or family, and that I used to enjoy spending time with them.

5. I will remember I have a dog/cat and remember to feed and care for it, as I should.

6. I will not eat my meals, in front of a computer, while blog hopping.

7. I will try to get out of the house, at least once a week, if it is necessary or not.

8. I will talk about subjects other than scrapbooking, when I am with friends and family.

9. I will remember that my life used to be filled with other interests that I have given up, now that I am so busy freebie hunting.

10. I will not download items that I will never use, just because I can.

11. I will try to make time to scrap some pictures with all the beautiful kits I've collected.

Last, but not least.

12. I will remember that I must go to bed. Those freebies will still be there tomorrow.

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  1. LOL! This is hilarious! Sooo true for any type of digi scrapper! Love it!Thanx for sharing!
    Amy from Bucket of Butterflies