Monday, March 31, 2008


Ok...So my Blog is BORING......

You know it, I know it...we ALL know it.
I probably have absolutely no readers due to the fact that I never WRIGHT anything

I think if anyone comes it is for the freebies, and even then, I may only get a comment or two of thanks.
Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to ANY visitors I can get....I must be

I have decided to try to spice up the blog a bit. I will post interesting finds, fun facts, anything of interest to me, Family stories, recipes I like, and of course, FREEBIES and my Digi layouts.....

I am a Happily Married, Full-Time working Mother of an almost THREE year old little Maniac whom I love dearly and he is my LIFE. So if I come across any fun finds for children I will post those too.

Today I have come across these FUN FUN shoes that your children can personalize.

They are called GRAFEETIE'S......(click Here to go to site)

You can write on them, and erase, and do it again and again. HOW CLEVER for your aspiring artists out there. This really takes me back to when we used to mark up our Chuck Taylor's.


  1. I still have my marked up Chucks! I named them Mr. & Mrs. Shoe. My DH has even tried to haggle with me & told me he would buy me a new pair of Chucks if I would get rid of Mr. & Mrs. Shoe. LOL He did buy me new Chucks but I told him I never agreed to toss Mr. & Mrs. Shoe...LOL So yes, they are still here along with 2 other pairs of Chucks! lol