Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun T-Shirt Design

Here's another money-saving idea...

I buy inexpensive solid-color t-shirts for my boys and then use puff paint
(buy it at Michael's) and stencils to put a picture of something on the
front. My two-year-old has a brontosaurus shirt that he loves, and my
four-year-old always wants to wear his frog shirt.

You can buy the t-shirts really cheap at places like T-Shirt Mart in La
Verne. I just bought several at the 99 Cents Store in Montclair (across
from the mall on Moreno), but they don't always have them.

First put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt. Then use the stencil to
draw the design with a pen, then go over it with puff paint. I have tons of
stencils in my scrapbooking stuff. You can also get clip art from the
internet, cut it out, and trace around it.

It's easy and fun--this even makes a fun craft project for a moms' group.
You can wash the t-shirts in the washing machine. The puff paint will
eventually start to come off but it takes a long time. Turn the t-shirts
inside out before washing to extend the life of the puff paint.


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