Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There's GOOD News and BAD News.....

This boy is TOO MUCH!!!!

This is what my Son said to me the night before last....

Dylan - "Mommy, theres good news and bad news".

Me - "Hmmm (holding in a laugh) OK, What is the Good news?"

Dylan - "Ummmmmm HAPPY!"

Me - "Ok, what is the bad news?"

Dylan - "Sad!"

Ok, if your not cracking up right now, then you don't know that my Son has JUST turned TWO. I cannot believe the range of language this child has. He is cracking me up on a constant basis. He is so very smart. He sings his ABC's, he counts all the way up to 14 sometimes a few more.... He knows all his shapes, colors, and every characters name in the Disney movie CARS. (His very first movie theater experience when it came out last year). I feel like we have normal conversations half the time...lol

I am so proud of him.


  1. LOL, I think it's wonderful that a child so young has so many wonderful skills. Now that he sings his ABC's, start showing him the letters that go with the song so he will indeed know his ABC's. I'm willing to bet he will learn them by sight in no time at all. He probably already has a good idea of what letter is what if he sees them often.
    Take him to a summer library program, and introduce him to the library so he can get the love of reading. Get him some kindergarden level books to look through, or read stories to him. Lots of the public schools have reading programs for their students so they can get a head start on their reading requirement skills for the year.

  2. awww...you are very welcome! I am soooo glad that you like it!


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  3. That is sooo cute, it is amazing how much kids absorb at that age. Whats even more cute is that they don't know they are being so adorable. Enjoy him!

  4. Hey Heather, I am so glad you found my blog. Not too full of info yet but I am working on it!!! If you are interested in that purse, please just let me know. I have more too, I just have not posted them yet. Working on it ;o)

    I know exactally what you mean about the language thing too, I have 4 boys and they all learned to speak VERY early, it was kinda scary actually. They are sooooo much fun at that age too!! Have fun with him, they grow up WAY TOO fast!!

    Thanks aain for looking and I hope to hear from you again soon!! - Kris

  5. LOL! What a funny joke. You got a comedian there! Thanks for the alphas, and thanks for visiting my blog!