Monday, November 16, 2009

Tee's Scrap CARD Challenge

Ok - I realize I am WAAAAAYYYYYY out of my scrap comfort zone here by trying to make a greeting card with PAPER scraps. We all know I am a digital

My co-worker Teresa (Tee to her friends) is hosting a challenge and I just really wanted to try something new. This tr-fold card is ADORABLE. Well the ones SHE made are

You can find the links to the directions and a video on how to make it on her blog. I promise it looks wayyyyy more intimidating than it is. And if I can do it - ANYONE can do

Here is my first try. I am NOT thrilled with the outcome - but I AM thrilled that I gave it a try - learned something new, and I had fun doing it. Pink is really not my color scheme - but I have several girlfriends and Family members who would LOVE this. I am working on another one - that I will call "Hybrid" because I plan to use some of my digital scrap kits and print out the elements and papers to use on this card.

My only fear is that I will begin to LOVE paper scrapping so much that I will have to go out and buy TONS of stuff (which I have already started.....)

Anyhoo - here are my results...I would LOVE to know what you think.

If you know of any other fairly easy card making tutorials out there - please point me in the right direction. = )


  1. Looks good Heather! I like it! =D

  2. I love it Heather! I am glad you are playing with us! Any friend of Tee's is a friend of mine :-)