Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some tips from Katie

I saw an Oprah show with the Coupon Mom. She has some really wonderful ideas and when I watched her she got $127.00 worth of grocerys for just $37.00. Her website is Not only does she give you wonderful tips on how to shop and save but also gives sites to get coupons. Oh and did you know that you can also download coupons right on to your club card? I didn't until I looked at her sight and she tells you how to do it. It's really neat.
Also Dave Ramsey is a christain financial debt advisor and I guess is a wonderful speaker. I have never been to one of his seminars but I hear they work wonders for getting debt free. My Father and Mother in law are getting ready to do the course so I will let you know what they think. My church is holding his class right now but it just didn't work with mine and my husbands schedules but we are going to try to get in the next one. So you might want to check with your church and see if they are planning a class or they might know where one is being held. Or you can go to and buy the kit online.
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