Friday, November 14, 2008

Catch that Train

Jump on the train - Designers wanted.

If you are interested in participating in a GREAT Holiday Blog Train and getting to know other wonderful designers in a comfortable private forum, then join us over at the ADSD Forum and sign up to design a portion of the "Holidays at Home" blog train. This train will be HUGE. I am sure you have seen some of our other collaborations, such as the "Popsicle Paradise", "Backyard Playground" and many more.

If you like freebies then you will be in HEAVEN when you see this. We have added a new twist to this collab - We are NOT using one basic color scheme. The Holidays mean something different for everyone and we are all designing with the idea of that in mind, so no matter what Holiday you celebrate - there is SURE to be something here for you. Be ready because December 1st the train leaves the station.


  1. hope all is ok with your son. are you doing the nov asds kit at all?


  2. will package up the little I got done and post that tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for thinking of us.