Wednesday, December 5, 2007

EDIT : I forgot to ask all of you who are so kind to leave me comments in 4Shared, I wonder if you could leave the links to YOUR blogs, I would love to be able to come over and visit your blog and repay the kindness you all have shown to me. THANKS!

Today I am FINALLY starting to get into the Christmas spirit.

I LOVE Christmas but just have NOT been feeling it.
Money is tight, My Son has a cold, My Husband works his hiney off and is sooo busy...
I have Hubby, Mom and Brother's Birthdays this month & party;s to plan.
I have a trip to Boston over a long weekend on the 14th. to see my Hubby's FAVORITE team the New England Patriots play on their home filed. Just TOO MUCH going on.
I work a full tI just feel so stretched thin.
I feel MUCH better getting that off my chest.

Today we decorated our Christmas tree here at work, and had the Christmas tunes on, now I feel like it's Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is some TIME to scrap! lol

Here are your WordArt/FontPacks for today!
Enjoy & Merry Christmas.

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DOWNLOAD WordArt/FontPack Kingthings Whizzbang HERE

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DOWNLOAD WorsArt/FontPack Mosaic HERE

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DOWNLOAD WordArt/FontPack Not His Angel HERE

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DOWNLOAD WorsArt/FontPack Rebekkahs Birthday HERE


  1. Thanks for these ;) I really like the "Hark the Herald" wordart!

  2. Thank you for feeding MY font addiction!!! LOL! Beautiful Word Art too.

  3. These are great, thank you very mcuh!

  4. Wow thanks for these.

  5. It is Hark the Herald Angels Sing; you need to take out the apostrophe. Sorry, ex English teacher, can't help myself.

  6. SEEEEE....I HAD it like that and was told to put the apostrophe
    I will fix it. THANKS!

  7. Thanks for these!! I love what you are doing!

  8. I replied to your comment but whoops... undeliverable, I guess I got ahead of myself. I didn't see your email address so the easiest thing is for me to make another comment ;) I was thinking maybe some of the lyrics
    from Silent Night, perhaps "Silent Night, Holy Night" or "Christ the Savior is
    Born" or "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" and maybe from the Hark the Herald lyrics
    "Let Heaven and Nature Sing ..."

    I was just thinking along the lines of a more spiritual type of word art if that
    is something you might be interested in making.

    Thanks again for the fabulous freebies ;)

  9. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

  10. More awesome word art... and fonts fonts fonts! Thank you!!! These are magnificent!

  11. Your fontpacks are so exciting! Thank you! Just perfect to finish a LO! I'm at, but i will let you know when i've posted a layout there or elsewhere that uses one of the packs. Awesome!

  12. Heather,
    how do you get the two-toned effect in whizzbang. I see that the example is no longer text, but text simplified, but when i try to highlight just the stars, portions of the text are highlighted as well. This may not be an appropriate question, and i know you're pressed for time, AND one tone is just wonderful, so it's not a need, just a desire. Thanks. lovinlifegurl

  13. O my word Heather! NEVERMIND!!!

    I just realized what the difference was between the word art and the font pack. It is the word art that you spend so much time on, and how rude of me to ask for your secrets.


    Well, i get it now! even before you had to tell me off, LOL. I really love it and i have placed a link to HS Designs on my blog!



  14. These are SO COOL, thank you for sharing!!

  15. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.