Friday, November 30, 2007

I am contributing to this Mega Charity Kit and I am also forwarding
this for a friend to help get the word out.
Please take a moment of your time to read over it and if you are
interested in participating, please respond to the email address
found below.
Melissa Writes :
I'm putting together another Mega Charity kit... All proceeds from
this kit will go to Ryan ...
You can read about Ryan and his very special story
here Please take the time to read it.

If you're willing to help contribute to this mega kit,
please respond to me via email
I would like to have this kit up and ready to sell on or before
Christmas day
Alphas, elements, mini kits , papers ... ANYTHING to go in a kit ...
( must be YOUR work, Commercial use ok materials please, because we
never know who is going to use it where)

Also... I'm currently having my girl Sweetz check into the ability of
zencart in our forum @ Urban but if we cant pull it off there,
would someone be willing to let me upload the kit & download to their
shop/zencart for this charity event?
We can set it up to my paypal or even better to Ryan's family's
paypal so it goes directly to them...
But I believe you get charged for every time 4 is put into an acct,
so it might be better if it goes to mine & I send them one lump sum
when the sale is over. I dunno... Whatever someone else thinks is
best, because I'm not one to mess with shops n zencart.

Please Please Please.... If you can help me... In ANY way... Don't
hesitate to do so...
The more scrap bits to this kit, the better.

I'm not going to make a swatch of colours just yet.
UT... I don't want it girly. I want it kept boyish. Boy colours,
If I need to ill make a swatch of colours for you all as soon as I
know how many of you want to help me


Melissa at Scrappy Expressions


  1. Great word art and have fun!

  2. Hi Heather
    Thanks for all the wonderful wordart and font files. I love them!
    Any news on how the charity kit for Ryan is coming along? This is the first I've heard of it and am looking forward to supporting this little boy.
    Have a sweet day,