Friday, October 5, 2007

I WON!!!!!!!!!!

That CRAZY Wench Kristine of Wenchd Grafix
has had anothe of her "Name the Bastard Kit"
contest, and I WON!!!!


She picked the name I chose, and now I get the
WHOLE KIT for free.....

This is a beautiful kit, and I am SO EXCITED!

LOOOOOOOK - Isn't it PURTY! lol
The name I picked was HOLLY BERRY
I thought it was very fitting,
and apparently that crazy wench did too...
Woo Hooo

I just LOVE this kit - the colors are FANATSTIC...
I can't stop drooling over the previews...
I can't WAIT to get my linky's.

You can check out Kristine's Blog HERE or her Shop HERE.


  1. That's soooo cool! And what a beautiful kit to win!!

  2. You RAWK!!!!!!!...just had to tell you that!!!!

    ::resumes dork dancing::